Curriculum Vitae

Experimental housing at Svartlamon

The five self-built experimental houses at Svartlamon, a housing project initiated by Nøysom arkitekter when they were still students, explores how architects can work towards a more frugal and ecologically sustainable use of resources by creating open-ended architectural frameworks that facilitate man's natural adaptive capacity. By encouraging self-building and user participation, the result has not only been five houses with a square meter price of one fifth of market price, but also a varied and rich living environment built by and for its inhabitants. The architectural concept was developed in a process spanning two years. The architects first created a sketch project in participation with the local community at Svartlamon, and later developed the project with the future residents, a chosen group of self-builders.

En litteraturfestival i miniformat med bokförlaget Beijing Trondheim Forlag.
En utsåld hemma-hos-konsert i samband med Trondheim Kammermusikkfestival 2017. Bland annat framfördes ett verk av festivalkompositören Sally Beamish, som själv var närvarande under konserten.
(fotograf: Line Anda Dalmar)